Spotlight Series

Changing Perspectives Through Impactful Dialogues

The Spotlight Series features interviews with visionary executives, innovative thinkers, contrarians and unorthodox leaders who delve into an array of topics centered around private capital markets – conversations that offer valuable perspectives and broaden our understanding of the current investment landscape.

Enriching Conversations, Broadening Minds

Thought-provoking interviews with investment executives, exploring unconventional strategies and uncovering overlooked opportunities beyond the mainstream discourse

Raw and Unfiltered

Facilitating Mindshift Through Dialogues

Tune into authentic, transformative conversations with private capital leaders in various sectors who inspire fresh thinking and illuminate prevailing industry trends, challenges and opportunities in a whole new light.

Open, Authentic Conversations

  • Featuring industry trailblazers and disruptors
  • In-depth conversations with actionable takeaways
  • Transformative ideas, perspectives, insights
  • Exploring creative, opportunity-driven solutions

The Visionaries Voice

Projecting Leadership and Innovation

The series offers investment executives a platform to convey their brand and leadership. It serves as a conduit for articulating ideas, strategies, and ambitions that sets them apart from peers and competitors.

Convey Your Strategic Vision

  • Showcasing visionary leadership and strategic innovation
  • Articulating unique perspectives and forward-thinking ideas
  • Demonstrating a commitment to innovation and differentiation
  • Sharing motivations and driving forces that inspire success

In Conversation with

CEO & Co-Founding Partner, Private Pension Partners

Laetitia Pacaud, Managing Partner, COO & CFO at Epic Investment Services leads an insightful conversation with Don White, CEO & Co-Founding Partner at Private Pension Partners (P3). Headquartered in Winnipeg, P3 has become a leading regional real estate asset manager and developer of pension quality properties with a focus on Canadian multi-family sector.

The discussion delves into the unique characteristics of the region, highlighting some notable property market transformations and opportunities it offers to a diverse investor demographic. With a deep-rooted local expertise, Don unpacks P3’s flagship investment vehicles and reveals how the group – notwithstanding persistent market fluctuations and external economic factors – effectively builds resilience into its strategies and continues to scale a competitive real estate portfolio. Reflecting on a range of core issues affecting multifamily and construction sector, Don concludes with a compelling success story underscoring the strategic acumen and tenacity required for navigating the ever-evolving real estate industry.

Make a Statement Through a Spotlight Interview

Project Your Vision, Brand
and Competitive Advantage

Our featured Spotlight interviews serve as a strategic means for company visionaries to amplify their brand, articulate their vision, and demistify their investment strategy. The structured, dual-purpose of such interviews allows executives to thoroughly explain unique perspectives on value creation and opportunity, while effectively communicating their strategic goals to a relevant investor base.

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