Proprietary Deal Flow Solution for Private Capital Investors

Unlocking promising investment opportunities requires a strategic approach. Our process involves cultivating relationships with mulitple deal sources, employing innovative vetting processes and strategies to identify and assess potential investments. With our tailored approach, funds and investors can navigate the market efficiently with better access to top-tier deals.

Access Prime Investment Opportunities

PRG's DealBoost solution is a powerful add-on to any fund's proprietary deal flow strategy, facilitating a steady influx of high-quality investment opportunities right to your desk

Market Analysis and Research

Strategic Insights for Optimal Deal Flow

Drawing from our extensive experience in the private capital investment space, we continuously refine our research capabilities integrated with industry insights and data-driven analysis for optimal dealflow solutions.

Research-Driven Sourcing

  • In-depth industry research and trend analysis
  • Identification of emerging sectors and investment opportunities
  • Competitive landscape assessment and benchmarking
  • Due diligence support and risk analysis

Diversifying Lead Channels

Systemic Approach to Dealflow Optimization

Through strategic partnerships, access to specialized databases, digital touchpoints, and constant engagement with key industry players across sectors, we facilitate steady inflow of quality leads and premium offerings.

Enhanced Deal Sourcing Networks

  • Strategic partnerships in the ecosystem
  • Access to specialized platforms and databases
  • Digital touchpoints, automated processes
  • Client positioning for prime dealflow
Strategic Deal Sourcing


The 6-month DealBoost program leverages the entire PRG platform and our strategic partners to source and channel exclusive deals. This covers a wide network of founders, corporate execuives, investors, advisors, mentors and sector specialists who enable robust access to opportunities aligned with your investment criteria. By highlighting your organization’s unique strengths, niche expertise, and the long-term value it brings to the ecosystem, we elevate your profile within the investment community to attract quality leads.

How We Engage

Phase 1 | Strategic Planning

Month 1 – We conduct a thorough evaluation of the investor’s short and long-term objectives, acquisition targets, allocation criteria, risk profile, culture, and capabilities. This enables us to develop a clear investment target profile, to identify most viable solicitatation platforms, and to ensure the investor is presented only to quality and relevant platforms. Additionally, we develop appropriate communication strategies in compliance with the investor’s privacy policies and preferences. Finally, we present a robust execution plan for dealflow enhancement.

Phase 2 | Online Platform Utilization, Content Marketing

Months 2-5 – Here we focus on leveraging online platforms and content marketing to enhance investor’s visibility and attract dealflow. This includes crafting communication materials, marketing collaterals, and digital assets tailored to the investor’s industry and target audience. Our digital marketing strategy aims to enhance branding, exposure, and a strong online presence. We subscribe to relevant platforms and databases, utilizing them to identify investment targets, track market trends, and access industry insights. As part of our content marketing strategy, we produce thought leadership articles, blogs, interviews to engage with founders, entrepreneurs and showcase the investor’s value proposition.

Week 3 | Strategic Partnerships, Referrals

Months 3-5 – In this phase, we consult and collaborate with third-party sources and market players to amplify the client’s reach and deal flow opportunities. We develop and implement a referral program to incentivize existing contacts, including portfolio companies, entrepreneurs, and industry partners, to refer potential investment opportunities to the firm. Furthermore, we communicate the details of the referral program to existing contacts and encourage their participation through targeted outreach. We also explore and initiate strategic partnerships with accelerators, incubators, corporate innovation programs, and other ecosystem players to expand deal flow opportunities through collaborative initiatives.

Week 4 | Data Analytics, Monitoring

Month 6 – In this phase, we utilize data analytics tools to enhance dealflow management to evaluate market trends, identify emerging deals, and prioritize investment opportunities based on predefined criteria. Our team members effectively utilize these tools to streamline dealflow management and decision-making processes. We continuously monitor and refine the investor’s dealflow strategy based on insights gathered from data analytics and AI tools, as well as feedback from networking efforts and partnership initiatives.

Phase 5 | Review, Pivot, Re-engage

Month 6 – In the final phase, we conduct a comprehensive review of our engagement with the investor, assess its effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. Based on insights gained, we pivot strategies as necessary to optimize outcomes. We also focus on re-engaging with our network and exploring new opportunities to further amplify the investor’s dealflow efforts. This phase ensures that the DealBoost solution remains responsive to evolving market dynamics and investor preferences.

Maximize Your
Deal Flow Potential

Let us optimize your digital presence and expand your network through various digital platforms and touchpoints to ensure a steady stream of high-quality investment offerings



Preliminary virtual meeting and consultation to assess your needs, strategic goals, and to establish an action plan tailored to your requirements.



Online engagement form with $150 fee (non-refundable, part of service fee) for our team to elaborate on the roadmap strategy and the deliverables schedule.



Review and acceptance of the Engagement Agreement with a detailed deliverables schedule, payment (first installment) of the service fee.

Let's DealBoost!

Fees & Terms

All fees are quoted in USD. DealBoost engagement term is 6 months from the date of application. 


The accepted payment methods are VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVERY, DINERS and few select cards supported by Stripe. For all other payment types, please contact us for assistance.

Termination of Engagement

Termination of services and any applicable refund policy related to PRG’s DealBoost solution will be stipulated in and governed by the Engagement Agreement. For further details, please review our Terms of Sale.

Terms of Sale

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