Supercharge Your Fundraising Campaign

We offer tailored solutions to conquer fundraising obstacles. Our extensive network serves as a robust foundation, connecting funds with a diverse array of potential investors. We provide strategic guidance in crafting compelling narratives and communication strategies, ensuring that fundraising efforts align seamlessly with market demands.

Enriching Conversations, Broadening Minds

Thought-provoking interviews with investment executives, exploring unconventional strategies and uncovering overlooked opportunities beyond the mainstream discourse

Compelling Fund Narrative

Optimizing Fund Vision & UVP

We craft a persuasive and compelling story about your fund’s objectives, investment strategy, track record, and potential returns, highlighting key differentiators to resonate with investors and drive fundraising success.

A Winning Investment Narrative

  • Outlining compelling drivers of wealth growth
  • Identifying sources of competitive advantage
  • Strategic alignment with investor expectations
  • Preparing impactful marketing materials

LP Assessment & Engagement

Streamlining Investor Onboarding

We develop a robust execution plan to identify, target, and engage suitable investors, leveraging personalized communication to cultivate trust and help secure commitments for your fundraising campaign.

A Robust Framework for Raising Capital

  • Multi-level presentation of fund vision, strategy
  • Data-driven investor selection and assessment  
  • Strategic LP engagement, tailored communication
  • Harnessing and applying institutional LP knowledge 
Strategic Fundraising Solutions


Our targeted solution encompasses weekly activities over a 6-month period to ensure optimal results. With a dedicated team of specialists on your side, we facilitate ongoing consultations, from distilling your fund’s unique value proposition to supporting your campaign with PR and digital marketing activities. We strategically create multiple digital touchpoints to enhance awareness and effectively communicate the fund’s competitve advantage. Clearly, we also offer a detailed schedule of deliverables, guaranteeing engagement with a minimum number of qualified LPs, inclduing setting clear targets for engagement metrics, such as calls, meetings, along with allocation of weekly hours to achieve set fundraising goals.

How We Engage

Phase 1 | Assessment & Roadmapping

Month 1 – In the initial phase, we’ll start by diving deep into your fund’s strategy and brand positioning. We’ll meticulously review your investment focus, target sectors, and geographical scope to refine your value proposition in the market. Together, we’ll craft a clear fundraising strategy that integrates powerful digital marketing and PR tactics, tailored to attract the right investors aligned with your goals.

Phase 2 | Content, Digital Collaterals Development

Months 2-3 – In this phase, emphasis is placed on content creation and digital collateral development. Compelling marketing materials are crafted specifically for digital channels, including engaging pitch decks, informative blogs, and visually appealing infographics. Simultaneously, we consult on on the development of an appealing, user-friendly website optimized for lead engagement, and incorporating best practices for enhanced online visibility.

Phase 3 | Strategic Outreach & Engagement

Months 4-5 – Moving forward, the focus shifts towards digital outreach and engagement. Targeted digital marketing campaigns are implemented, utilizing email marketing, social media advertising, and content marketing to reach prospective investors. Data analytics and tracking tools are employed to measure campaign performance and optimize strategies for maximum impact. Furthermore, digital PR initiatives are undertaken, such as guest blogging and media partnerships, to engage with industry influencers and enhance credibility and visibility.

Activity: Months 4-5

Phase 4 | Branding, IR, Lead Nurturing

Months 4-6 – Our efforts, in this phase, are geared towards investor relationship building and lead nurturing. Digital channels are leveraged to build and nurture relationships with potential investors, providing valuable content and insights to educate and engage them. Marketing tools are utilized to personalize communication and streamline follow-up processes, ensuring timely and relevant interactions with prospects. Additionally, in-person and virtual consultations are arranged to facilitate highest interest and  to foster investor trust and confidence in the fund.

Phase 5 | Closing, Post-Campaign Analysis

Month 6 – It’s important to monitor and measure your performance on a quarterly or annual basis. To help you with this, periodically review important KPIs and track the progress of your actionable projects in real-time. You can also use strategy performance frameworks such as Balanced scorecards to track and monitor the execution of your strategy. 

Fusing Your Vision With Capital

Navigating fundraising challenges requires not only financial acumen but a nuanced understanding of market dynamics and a proactive engagement with a diverse pool of investors



Preliminary virtual meeting and consultation to assess your needs, strategic goals, and to establish an action plan tailored to your requirements.



Online engagement form with $150 fee (non-refundable, part of service fee) for our team to elaborate on the roadmap strategy and the deliverables schedule.



Review and acceptance of the Engagement Agreement with a detailed deliverables schedule, payment (first installment) of the service fee.

Let's FundForge!

Fees & Terms

All fees are quoted in USD. FundForge engagement term is 6 months from the date of application.


The accepted payment methods are VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVERY, DINERS and few select cards supported by Stripe. For all other payment types, please contact us for assistance.

Termination of Engagement

Termination of services and any applicable refund policy related to PRG’s FundForge solution will be stipulated in and governed by the Engagement Agreement. For further details, please review our Terms of Sale.

Terms of Sale

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