Strategic Engagement for Your Capital Needs

Secure capital by strategically engaging investors with our tailored pitch solutions. We thoroughly assess your funding needs, streamline your offering, and proactively engage with qualified investors to ensure your pitch resonates authentically. Our diligent processes help foster enhanced interest and appreciation for your proposition.

Partnering with optmal
Capital Sources

We are committed to the challenge of finding your ideal financal partner, tailoring private capital solutions to help you achieve your goals

Targeted Investor Match-Making

Mapping the Path to Capital

From initial assessment to roadmapping and meticulous material preparation, our comprehensive approach ensures every step is strategically planned to connect you with the most suitable funder for your capital needs.

Strategic Blueprinting

  • Meticulous planning, actionable roadmap
  • Diverse capital sources, financing options
  • Targeted, tailored investor engagement
  • Expert guidance throughout the campaign

Efficient & Seamless Execution

Pro-Active Engagement and Support

Our team expertly manages every aspect of the process, from initial outreach to meticulously arranged meetings, providing due diligence support, risk consultation, with follow-ups and a drive towards a successful close.

Dynamic Action Deployment

  • Efficient, streamlined capital raising process
  • Collaborative execution and follow-through
  • Iterative improvement and adaptation
  • Data-driven decision making
Diversified Financing Solutions


Over the course of 12 weeks, we guide fund seekers through the intricate process of securing capital for single deals, projects, special investment offerings or situations spanning startups, corporates, real estate projects, and beyond. Our expertise encompasses a wide array of financing options, including equity, debt, mezzanine, growth, and venture capital. We craft a meticulously detailed plan of action with a comprehensive suite of deliverables, and ensure each step aligns strategically with your goals. Expect ongoing consultation and support from our dedicated team along the way.

How We Engage

Phase 1 | Strategic Assessment, Investor Profiling

Weeks 1-2 – We kick off the process with a preliminary consultation meeting and conduct a comprehensive assessment of your capital raising needs. We then proceed to develop a target investor list tailored to your offering and strategic goals as capital seeker, and compatible with investors’ core objectives and allocation criteria.  

Phase 2 | Materials Development

Weeks 2-4 – Following a thorough assessment of your funding needs, we engage in crafting introduction and information packages designed to effectively showcase the unique attributes of your offering. We understand that each investor is different, and meticulously elaborate materials to resonate with various investor profiles. With a clear and streamlined offering memorandum, we ensure that every piece of content reflects the essence of your deal and speaks directly to the interests and objectives of potential investors.

Phase 3 | Outreach & Engagement

Weeks 4-8 – Once we have developed compelling content, we leverage our extensive network to engage investors. Our approach is not just about reaching out; it’s about creating meaningful connections. We carefully select target investors based on their investment preferences and criteria, ensuring alignment with your funding objectives. Through compelling presentations and tailored communications, we highlight key aspects of your opportunity that resonate with investors’ interests, ultimately driving engagement and interest in your offering.

Phase 4 | Interest Facilitation, DD Support

Weeks 6-10 – We schedule direct and structured meetings with interested investors, fostering open communication to address any questions and build rapport effectively. Additionally, we streamline due diligence discussions, ensuring all necessary information is readily available. 

Phase 5 | Review, Pivot, Follow-up

Weeks 10-12 – In this phase, we actively promote ongoing communication between capital seekers and investors, addressing potential barriers and fostering mutual understanding and alignment of objectives. Additionally, we provide support for follow-up discussions to close any gaps between capital seekers’ needs and investors’ criteria and – as and when required – facilitate negotiations for reasonable and mutually accepted adjustments for a successful outcome.

Let us find your ideal financing partner
and bring your deal to life

With an unwavering focus on addressing your specific capital needs, we proactively engage with a wide pool of savvy and compatible investors



Preliminary virtual meeting and consultation to assess your needs, strategic goals, and to establish an action plan tailored to your requirements.



Online engagement form with $150 fee (non-refundable, part of service fee) for our team to elaborate on the roadmap strategy and the deliverables schedule.



Review and acceptance of the Engagement Agreement with a detailed deliverables schedule, payment (first installment) of the service fee.

Let's PrimePitch!

Fees & Terms

All fees are quoted in USD. PrimePitch engagement term is 12 weeks from the date of application. 


The accepted payment methods are VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVERY, DINERS and few select cards supported by Stripe. For all other payment types, please contact us for assistance.

Termination of Engagement

Termination of services and any applicable refund policy related to PRG’s PrimePitch solution will be stipulated in and governed by the Engagement Agreement. For further details, please review our Terms of Sale.

Terms of Sale

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