Sasha Cucuz

CEO at Greybrook Securities, Partner at Greybrook Capital

Sasha is a partner at Greybrook and CEO of Greybrook Securities, where he directs Greybrook’s capital markets activities across the firm’s focus areas. He is an experienced finance professional with over a decade of transaction experience and is a recognized buy-side transactions expert. Sasha is a member of the board of directors of Greybrook Capital and several of its related entities including Greybrook Realty Partners, Greybrook Securities, Greybrook Health and TMS NeuroHealth.

As the co-chair of Greybrook Realty Partners’ Investment Committee, he is responsible for providing oversight and approval of the company’s investments and portfolio acquisitions. Greybrook’s real estate investment portfolio includes over 50 developments in the Greater Golden Horseshoe region and South Florida markets. In aggregate, these assets represent 32 million square feet of residential and commercial density with an estimated completion value of $14 billion.