Matjaz Schroll

Head of Private Equity, CEE, Templeton Private Equity Partners

Matjaz Schroll is partner at Templeton Private Equity Partners (“TPEP”) at Franklin Templeton Investments and is heading private equity activities in Central and Eastern Europe. He is responsible for sourcing, structuring and executing private equity transactions in the CEE, Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and Turkey. He is supervisory board member of the company Studio Moderna, which is the biggest direct response TV and online sales company in CEE and supervisory board member of the Ringe/Helios group, which is the biggest paints producer in the CEE. In addition he has an observer seat on the board of the Polish company EasyPack, which is managing the biggest network of automated parcel machines in Europe. Matjaz Schroll used to seat on the supervisory boards of the following companies: Bucharest Stock Exchange, Romania. Magma, Croatia and Teleset, Russia. Mr Schroll holds the master of science degree in Business Administration from Karl-Franzens University of Graz, Austria.